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Read SMS, call logs, phone location. This program is very light and can be invisible to the user.

  • Compatibility | Mobile Spy | Mobile Monitoring Software.
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Just download the installation file and install the app on the phone you want to track. Please note that phone control without your knowledge and consent may be illegal in your country.

If you use the LetMeSpy software on a third-party phone, always inform about privacy restrictions. Collects records of incoming and outgoing phone call logs with phone number, date and time calls were made and length of calls. Every 20 minutes or less if there is no phone movement. Read all SMS text messages, See who your child called and who is calling them and how long they talked.

Find out where your kids are. Protect your children from being influenced by dangers of their environment.

Used worldwide

Increases control and safety of your business. Reduce the costs relating to the private use of mobile phones for professionals. You can read all the SMS messages and view call logs even if you do not have your phone with you! You always knows the exact location of a phone - checking locations of cell phone on the map.

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We use cookies to provide you with a better service. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or find out how to Cookies. This can happen when the user starts typing a message without adding a recipient to the outgoing message. The message is auto-saved to the sms database and then SMS Tracker sends a copy to the server.

Mobile spy android 4.1

More than likely you typed in the wrong email address. Lots of people accidentally type in things like hotnail. Be sure to provide them with the phone number of the missing device. One of two things is happening here.

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If this is the case, set the Message Offset back to 0 and try changing your timezone on the Settings page of your account. This means that the phone user has turned off their GPS unit.

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Most people do this in order to extend their battery life. Also, if you have your GPS Interval set to 5 minutes or less, this can really eat through the battery and cause the user to disable this feature. What should I do?

Compatibility | Mobile Spy | Mobile Monitoring Software

When I review the message logs on my account, the conversation is broken up or hard to follow. Incoming messages might show up several hours away from their outgoing messages. Only outgoing messages. What could be happening? Why is that?

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